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Commercial Electrical Services


Focal Lighting has over 20 years of experience installaing and maintaining commerical electrical systems and service infrastructure. Contact us today to get started on your project. Our services are not limited to those below.

Flex Space Buildouts


Focal Lighting and Electrical has years of experience in wiring custom commerical space. We provide the necessary liaison between the customer, desgner, and building owner to effectively design, install, and maintain a reliable electrical infrastrucure for your commercial space.

Commerical Service Upgrades

When it is time to uprgrade your buildings' electrical service, trust us to design and install a rugged, reliable electrical service that will last you for years to come. Dont wait until your systems fail, let us get started on your electrical service upgrade today.

Industrial Control Systems



We have the necessary know-how to implement and maintain industrial control systems of any size and function. We are well versed in motor control systems, logic controllers, and the infrastrucure your facility relies on.


Electrical Systems Maintenance



We are your one stop shop for existing equipment maintenance and emergency repair. Call us today.



Backup Power Solutions



Experience in both mission-critical "100% up-time" systems as well as backup standby systems for commerical buildings and equipment. We also maintain new and existing systems.


Commercial Network Infrastrucure



Let our network team design and install a truly reliable network for your business. We specialize in low voltage cabling, switching, routing, voice, data, and wireless network systems.


We also handle wireless data tranmission systems, both long haul and point to point systems.


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