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Control your lights shades and temperature from anywhere - whether you are home or away ! Our level 3 smart home system allows you to dive into the smart home world at an affordable price. The Level 3 package includes the installation and setup of 10 controlled lights, 1 controlled thermostat and 2 four-button wireless remote controls, as well as a wireless bridge which allows you integrate future systems such as shades, HVAC controllers and scene keypads. Our Professional industry certified technicians will install all the equipment as well as setup your smartphone for you to control your new devices .

Level 3 Smarthome System

    • Equipment and Miscellaneous hardware required to control 10 lights from you smartphone
    • 2 Tabletop remote controllers with 4 programmed scenes each
    • 1 controlled thermostat to control 1 zone of HVAC
    • Expandable automation processor that allows you to add additional control products such as shades, keypads, and thermostats to your system
    • Quality installation from a licensed electrical contractor
    • 1 year warranty on products and installation
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